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It says my password may have been compromised, what does that mean?

In a breach, the stored data compromised is accessed, meaning if your user account was in the database of that site, the hackers would have access to it. If your password hasn't been changed since then it is best to take immediate action to avoid being hacked.

What is a Data Breach?

A data breach is an incident in which sensitive, protected or confidential data has potentially been viewed, stolen or used. This could range from bank information, user accounts to even very confidential information about yourself which can then be utilized against you for the benefit of someone else unauthorized.

I see my email as breached on a service I never signed up for?

Your data could have been acquired by another service from a site you have signed up for, or the site may have rebranded itself. It's also possible that someone has breached your account and used it to sign up for this service.

My email was not found in any breaches, have I not been breached?

We try to keep our data as up to date as possible, but with having breaches undetected or not verified it wouldn't be possible to guarantee that you are a 100% safe. So even though our tool says you are not compromised, you are still at a risk of breaches to us that are unknown.

Breached but passwords weren't leaked?

Your password may have not been leaked but it would still impact your privacy. Information such as passports and government ID cards that are compromised could seriosuly put you at risk if used illegally by others to perform unauthorized activites with your information.

Is anything logged when people search for an account on your website?

Your email will be stored in our database in which you will be notified of any changes from us. Your data will not be shared, sold or used by anyone else. We are currently developing a new feature that will notify you of new breaches, it will be released in the near-future.

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