Are you Prepared to Respond to a Security Breach?

We at Ethical IT provide WhiteHat IT Security Consulting, Penetration & Vulnerability Testing

Vulnerability Testing

As we become more dependent on IT to run day to day business, it is inevitable that the number of vulnerabilities will increase unless Businesses realize that the data that they hold must be protected, which is how we at Ethical IT can provide the necessary skill set and understanding of technology to protect your data.

IT Managed Service Provider

In-house IT Management has generally grown with the business and either are too busy or lack the basic elements of understanding required to identify and mitigate the risks created with the growing sprawl of IT and data. Through partnering with Ethical IT, we can provided the needed support to keep your business flowing.

IT Security Consulting

Through Ethical ITs consultation services, We identify pain points independent of your in-house IT while having the capacity to work side by side with your IT Department providing a complete suite of services from Penetration & Vulnerability Testing of your Web Application & Services to IT Security Consulting and Infra-Structure Security.

About us

Ethical IT is a division of ITGuruOnline Inc. which has been operating in Canada & Internationally since 2004. Our beginnings at Ethical IT, we have been humbly started as a Support Services Provider quickly growing to Consulting Services, Hardware Provider, Infra-Structure Services, Data Center Services, Penetration & Vulnerability testing and currently a complete Managed IT Services Provider. Ethical IT's consulting team in Canada has multiple years of experience working as Chief Information Officers, IT Consultants & Subject Matter Experts in the fields of IT Security, Disaster Recovery, Solution Architecture, Enterprise Architecture with a total successful project handover in access of USD 10 Million across 3 Continents working with companies large and small in a broad sector of industries.

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Our Portfolio

As Ethical IT, we do more then just IT Security, we have worked with many clients from Governments to Large Enterprises and SME's & SMB's. Below you will find some of our notable client who we have assisted with their IT Environments. Our client industries at Ethical IT range from Manufacturing, Governments, Professional Services, Healthcare, Education, Construction and Property Management to name a few.


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